More than 30 people were hospitalized after the dramatic collapse of a
suspension bridge sent dozens of people tumbling into a river in western Ecuador.

The heartstopping incident took place on a bridge over the Carrizal River
near the city of Tosagua. Spectators had crowded the bridge to watch rafts
sail by as part of a local festival.

Juan Velasquez of the city’s fire department said the bridge collapsed because
it could not support the weight of all the spectators, El Dairio reports.

The unfortunate accident was captured on camera by people who had gathered
along the riverbank to watch the event. People can be heard screaming in
horror as the bridge gives way beneath their feet.

Emergency services were called and dozens of people were taken to the hospital.
It’s reported that up to 36 people were injured in the incident, although
nobody suffered serious injuries.


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