【衝撃写真】スコットランドでついに怪獣が出現!? → その姿をご覧ください


【衝撃写真】スコットランドでついに怪獣が出現!? → その姿をご覧ください

Mystery beast spotted in Scottish field sparks debate

People have shared their theories of what the photo shows after a local put an
image of the ‘creature’ on Facebook

Theories so far have included calling it part tortoise, part stoat, among
various other creatures, the Daily Record reports.

Jimmy Wright, 66, snapped the odd sight while walking his son’s dog on Crow
Hill – known locally as ‘the cowfield’ – in the west Stirlingshire village of Killearn.

Jimmy told the Observer :”I thought it looked like a dinosaur. I have been up
that way before but the sight was definitely unexpected.”


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