「All Lives Matter(全ての命が重要)」と発言の母親(24) 婚約者の前で射殺される 「Black Lives Matter」支持者との議論中に…米国


★Young mother, 24, is ‘shot dead in front of her fiancé after saying “all lives matter” during an argument with Black Lives Matter supporters’
PUBLISHED: 22:21 BST, 12 July 2020 | UPDATED: 00:14 BST, 13 July 2020

Whitaker (pictured) was a home health nurse and had a three-year-old son named


・Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24, was shot dead on July 5 in Indianapolis, Indiana
・Whitaker, her fiancé Jose Ramirez and two others were reportedly walking along the canal when one of them allegedly used the n-word
・A nearby group of people heard the phrase and a confrontation was sparked
・During the argument, Whitaker responded ‘All lives matter’ when the other group said ‘Black Lives Matter’
・Whitaker, a home health nurse, leaves behind a three-year-old son
・She was one of three people shot dead at Indianapolis’ canal last week, and one of several over Fourth of July weekend


だから Black Lives Matter は「黒人の命も大切」ではなく「黒人の命だけが大切」と訳すべきってお話。今のアメリカって黒人の暴力に屈服してるだけにしか見えない😟😟😟